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TWG Tea partners with growers, suppliers, distributors, and operators who complement our path and share our desire to leave a positive impact on our environment. We continue to do so by:
  • Developing a wholesale teabag range with Certified Organic teas (provided supply is available);
  • Actively supporting the use of Non-GMO raw tea ingredients (Free of Genetically Modified Organisms);
  • Using environmentally friendly packaging, including recyclable cartons and our proprietary commercially compostable, biodegradable tea bags.
  • Sourcing directly from tea plantations in order to ship containers straight from the source, lessening the freight and carbon footprint of our teas.

Sourcing and sustainability:

  • How is TWG Tea sourced?
TWG Tea is sourced from 47 tea-producing countries including India, China and Japan, as well as unique bio-geographic locations such as Argentina, New Zealand, Hawaii and Malawi. Since we purchase our teas directly from tea plantations, we ship containers straight from the source, which lessens the freight and carbon footprint of our teas. Sourcing directly from tea gardens also allows us to have exceptionally fresh teas and guarantees the traceability of our products.


  • Does TWG Tea have any sustainability practices?
We only source teas from gardens which produce exceptional quality, handpicked, whole leaf harvests, and in order to produce such teas, planters take incredible care of their workers. They are usually very highly skilled and require years of training and experience in order to pick just the right leaves and process each day’s harvest according to exacting standards to bring out the best flavour in the teacup. By sourcing directly from internationally renowned plantations as well as exceptional estates owned by single planters, we ensure that our sources always maintain the very highest standards.


  • Is TWG Tea packaging recyclable?
We aim to use only natural materials in all of our teas as well as our packaging. Our teabags are 100% biodegradable and our environmentally friendly packaging is composed of recyclable cartons and tins. Our teabags are a perfect example of the care we take of the environment. Crafted from 100% cotton material and thread, we have done away with the need for glues and staples, making them entirely natural and of the very finest quality.
Our silken teabag collection is also degradable through oxidation, and each teabag is composed of exquisite Certified Organic teas.


  • Does TWG Tea have any sustainability targets?
TWG Tea’s activity is rooted in sustainable development: only by respecting the environment can we also ensure that future generations will be able to enjoy the same quality teas we do today. A great majority of our teas are cultivated in remove regions at high elevations, where tea plants grow naturally without the aid of fertilizers or pesticides. We work preferentially with organic planters in countries where such standards can be trusted. In fact, many of our teas come from countries so remote that organic methods are the only recognised methods of farming. We have also put much thought into our choice of packaging materials; as such, our disposable products such as teabags are completely biodegradable and environmentally friendly, using no plastics, glue or metal staples.