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Design Glass Teapot (900ml) A1314





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    The Glass Design Teapot is enveloped in an exceptionally mirror polished stainless steel warmer with an inner felt lining represent the convenience of modern functional features and the pleasure of serving tea in the classic beauty of an exclusive TWG Tea design. The glass teapot comes with an especially designed removable filter which allows the leaves to unfurl and to develop their fragrance during the infusion. This teapot is perfectly suitable for all varieties of tea, and will delight tea lovers keen to appreciate the colour of different tea infusions.

  • Care Instructions

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    This product is made from borosilicate glass which is highly resistant to shock and heat and can be used daily if desired. To care for your product:

    1. Always hand wash your glassware using mild detergent and a soft sponge.

    2. Rinse gently with water.

    3. Allow your product to dry completely before storing them in a dry and cool place.

    Note: Sharp changes in water temperature can cause the teapots to break. Do ensure you do not rinse your glassware with cold water immediately after pouring hot water in to the teapots.

    Metal attachments such as stainless steel, silver or gold-plated warmer must be removed from the glassware before cleaning. The removable parts may be polished with a TWG Tea Silver & Gold Polish Cloth.