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Chinoiserie Teapot in Red A1951R





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    The perfection of the Orient incarnate in one table setting. Crafted by exceptional Viennese artists in "white gold" - as porcelain was traditionally called - these extraordinary gold and platinum plated teapots reveal the secret that tantalised the Western world ever since Marco Polo brought porcelain from Asia to Europe more than 600 years ago.

    Composed of merely four elements: feldspar, quartz, kaolin, and water (each porcelain factory, until today, guards the exact proportions of their recipe secret) porcelain fulfils the alchemists dream of transforming base elements into precious objects. Works of art to showcase the artistry and sophistication of the simple things in life.

    Capacity: 600ml

  • Care Instructions

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    This product is made from porcelain and precious metal. To care for your product:

    1. Rinse it using warm water only without any sponges or abrasives.

    2. Dry your tea accessory completely with soft cotton fabric before storing it in a cool and safe place.

    Note: This product is neither microwave friendly nor dishwasher safe.