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Collector's Tea Tin, Singapore Breakfast Tea, 250g (Tin Only) ST108175T4021





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    These tea tins are beautiful reproductions of hand painted TWG Tea tins, conceived to enhance your décor. Each tin in this collection brings the extraordinary qualities of five different varieties of tea to life in vivid hues. These tins will store the most precious tea leaves away from light, air and humidity.

    Sold empty, these tins can hold up to 250g of loose tea. Should you wish to fill your tin, loose teas can be purchased from our "Find a Tea" section.

    Note: This artisanal tea tin boasts a glossy lustre, deep, rich colours and a beautiful finish which can only be achieved by hand crafting each tin one by one, a unique and ancient process which TWG Tea is proud to keep alive. This process signifies that no two tins are alike, but also means that there are natural irregularities in every piece which should not be the basis for any returns.

  • Care Instructions

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    This product is carefully crafted from tin plate to ensure that the material does not affect the flavours of the tea and made to preserve the unique and exceptional quality of the teas. To care for your product:

    1. Rinse your tea accessory in warm water and mild soap without any abrasives to maintain the quality of its glossy lustre and beautiful finish.

    2. Air dry before storing it in a cool and dry place.