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Imperial Russian Samovar (3L) R49430





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    The samovar, Russian name for "self-brewer", originated in Russia and the Middle-East in the 18th century. The large metal recipient that heats the water and maintains the tea's temperature formerly worked with a charcoal heater. Traditionally, the small teapot set atop was used to keep a tea concentrate, mixed with hot water from the base of the samovar in the teacup to obtain a lighter infusion. TWG Tea samovars, inspired by original antique designs, boast porcelain handles and a fine mirror polish and are made of high-grade 18/10 stainless steel to assure the quality of the tea infusion at any moment of the day.

  • Care Instructions

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    This product is made from stainless steel. To care for this product:

    - Empty the appliance and remove the electric cable. Rinse the interior with water and use mild soap and a soft sponge.

    - Highly recommended to use TWG Tea Silver & Gold Polish Cloth and avoid using any abrasive cleaning agents, hard brushes, solvents, sponges, and conventional polishing cloths.

    For stubborn stains, moisten a part of the polishing cloth, rub the affected area and then wipe it down with the dry part of the cloth.

    Note: Always ensure that the samovar is filled with water before the power is turned on. Powering on the samovar without any water may overheat it and cause damage.