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Summer Holiday Iced Teabag Taster PACKTBIA9000





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    With the sun ablazing, TWG Tea inspires tea lovers to a chic summertime soirée. Captivate your senses with Summer Holiday Iced Teabag Taster featuring fifteen invigorating tea blends each individually packed to refresh your palate this tropical season in a beautifully packaged artic blue, sleek gift box that slides open to reveal the colourful curation.

    Large hand sewn iced teabags in the shape of the summer sun showcase the beauty of our whole leaf teas and give ample room for the leaves to expand during infusion. Extra-long strings thoughtfully allow you to infuse your teabag directly in a large carafe or jug.

    Content Weight: 15 x 7g

    How to infuse:

    For a rich, intense and flavourful beverage:
    1. Place 1 teabag into a teapot.
    2. Add 1/2 litre of pure, simmering water.
    3. Steep for about 5 minutes.
    4. Remove teabag and pour into glasses filled to the brim with large ice cubes.

  • This beautifully chic gift box contains one large hand sewn teabag containing 7g of each of the following:

    • 1837 Black Tea 
    • 1837 Green Tea 
    • Alfonso Tea 
    • Caravan Tea 
    • Cocktail Hour Tea 
    • Darjeeling 
    • Eternal Summer Tea 
    • French Earl Grey 
    • Grand Jasmine Tea 
    • Moroccan Mint Tea 
    • Pink Flamingo Tea 
    • Pomme Prestige Tea 
    • Red Chai 
    • Sweet France Tea 
    • Tea Party Tea