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Check out these amazing reviews of TWG Tea's Sky Lantern Tea Mooncake Collection featuring traditional and snowskin mooncakes in eight inspiring flavours, each passionately accented with signature tea and crafted by hand in the most artisanal fashion.


My favourite mooncake collection this season is from TWG Tea. I enjoyed the classic Constellation more for its traditional taste enhanced by the Singapore Breakfast Tea.” – @Veronicaphua Veronica Phua


My favourite traditional baked mooncake is Harvest. This appeals to those who like Japanese flavours. Matcha and red bean goes very well together. TWG Tea does it a little differently here – in most dessert variations, matcha is usually the dominant flavour, accompanied by red bean. TWG Tea does the reverse by making red bean the dominant flavour as red bean paste, with matcha as its accompaniment in the form of a Matcha infused almond lotus paste.” 
@Justinfoodprints Justin Teo


“I really like the Illumination mooncake for the contrast between its jet black snowskin and bright, citrusy flavours. The dark chocolate pearls also gave it a nice textural contrast” – @Fat_fuku Annette Tan


“The clever use of dulcey chocolate pearls in Blossom snowskin mooncake contributes a welcome crunch while a white chocolate heart of blackcurrant and raspberry confit surprises with berry brightness.” – @Veronicaphua Veronica Phua


My favourite tea-infused snowskin mooncake is Serenity. The coconut and pandan stood out and I felt it’s more localised and in line with Singapore and Asian palate.” – @Alainlicious Alain Li


Serenity mooncake appeals to my local palate. Pandan and coconut is a natural pairing, and both of these are infused into the white and brown lotus filling. To make it better, coconut appeared in the heart as well, with roasted fragrance. This mooncake achieved good texture contrast too, as white chocolate pearls added texture to the smooth lotus paste.” – @Justinfoodprints Justin Teo


The midnight-black Illumination was one of my favourites. Besides the striking good look, I found the mix of birght citrus from the Breakfast Yuzu Tea-infused lotus paste and confit fruit with chocolate pearls a very appealing combination. I love the texture of the snowskin too.” – @Veronicaphua Veronica Phua


Discover our collection of tea-infused mooncakes and create your bespoke TWG Tea mooncake gift box for your cherished ones.

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