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Grand Fine Harvest Duo Gift Set (Box of 2)

Create a customised assortment of two Grand Fine Harvest Teas in these chic gift boxes elegantly wrapped in a signature TWG Tea sleeve. A wonderful gift for any occasion.

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Grand Fine Harvest

Grand Malawi

In the valleys of Mount Mulantje, which rises abruptly from the fertile plains, rain falls gently on fertile soil, regulated by the giant massif which transformed this region into one of the lushest tea producing areas of Africa. In this secluded environment, known only to the most perseverant tea lovers grows this marvel, a ruddy blue tea with an aroma of freshly picked raspberries. Once infused, the leaves unfold to reveal a tart and citrusy cup that leads to a short and clean finish. An afternoon tea par excellence...

Net Weight: 55g

Grand Sencha

Cultivated on the slopes of Mount Kirishima in the north-east Kagoshima prefecture in Kyushu district, this exceptional green tea is grown on flawlessly manicured slopes at altitudes of 200 to 400 metres. Cool nights coupled with warm, sunny days orchestrate the incredibly unhurried growth of these gorgeously fleshy tea leaves which infuse into an airy cup, with rich mineral registers balanced by notes of brisk floral sweetness. A sumptuous tea.

Net Weight: 150g

Grand Pu-Erh

This exceptionally rare Pu-Erh from the most celebrated region of Meng Hai, is processed exclusively from the spring harvest, and contains a very high percentage of tips, which lend their delicate flavour to this curated vintage. With a dark yet sparkling garnet-coloured cup, this tea possess a light and pure flavour with exotic accents of precious truffle associated with the nuances of moist undergrowth sustained by notes of humus and noble moss. Suave floral intonations crown this tea with unexpected lightness, and the absolute lack of bitterness participates in orchestrating an extraordinary taste adventure.

Net Weight: 100g

Grand Darjeeling

Undulating hills of tea bushes are wrapped in mist, thick with the scent of muscatel and orange. A TWG Tea blend of only the finest first flush harvests, this prestigious tea is composed of an exceptionally high percentage of silver tips. These leaves, young and velvety, infuse into a saffron coloured cup, bestowing an intense aroma of wildflowers and a savour of cracked hazelnut on the palate. The Champagne of teas.

Net Weight: 90g

Grand Oolong

Marked by the saline humidity of the cliff-lined Pacific coasts of Eastern Taiwan, this tea grows at altitudes of 400 to 500 metres in an environment shrouded in mist, which dims the strength of the sun's rays and intensifies the essential oils in the leaves. Best harvested in the summer and autumn months the small, dark, rolled leaves infuse into a glistening burnt orange coloured cup. The most highly oxidized of all blue teas, the Grand Oolong boasts a strong, oaky aroma, a delicate, floral flavour accented by notes of pine cone and sap, and a crisp, dry aftertaste that hints of freshly cut apples and honey.

Net Weight: 160g

Grand Lung Ching

This green tea is the fruit of the very first spring harvest of each year. A very high altitude fine harvest tea produced in the most celebrated provincial region of Hangzhou where Lung Ching was said to originate, this Dragon Well is harvested in very small quantities and reveals an infusion of infinite delicacy. The leaves, which are flat like bird's tongues and jade green in colour, reveal a strong vegetal aroma when infused and a pale golden cup. The tea explodes in the mouth with a vivid yet balanced flavour, accented by notes of sweet apple which finish with an admirable buttery aftertaste that lingers long on the palate. The favourite tea of emperors.

Net Weight: 70g

Grand Golden Yin Zhen

The elixir of life in a golden cup! Cherished for their long, silvery tips covered with a soft down, precious Yin Zhen white tea leaves, otherwise known as "Silver Needles", are transformed into ambrosial jewels plated with 24ct gold. An ornament for the teacup and a marvel for the palate, this molten blend, an exceptional TWG Tea creation, is a talisman, a magic potion which yields a swirling and sparkling infusion with marvellous honeyed overtones. This imperial beverage is truly unique, a glimpse of the divine in a teacup.

Net Weight: 45g

Grand Ceylon

The rarest and most precious of Ceylon black teas, this whole-leaf harvest boasts exquisitely fine leaves which dazzle as they undulate in colour between deep chocolate brown, gold and iridescent silver, a sign of a very high percentage of tips. With a light bouquet which is simultaneously sweet and malty, the tea infuses into a woody cup that slowly softens on the palate with dewy flavours of wild crocus and violet. A dazzling tea for the morning.

Net Weight: 100g