Loose Teas

TWG Tea is proud to offer countless exclusive blends, carefully conceived by TWG Tea to reflect the tastes of modern tea lovers. By blending only the finest natural fruits, flowers, spices, essences – and even chocolate and caramel – with different varieties of teas, TWG Tea is constantly innovating to take the world of tea by surprise.

Solo Teas

T5000 Caramel Tea        
T5001 Vanilla Tea        
T5002 Almond Tea        


Passion Fruit Tea        
T5004 Honey Tea        
T5005 Coconut Tea        
T5006 Cinnamon Tea        

Rum Tea

T5008 Strawberry Tea        
T5009 Apricot Tea        
T5010 Apple Tea        
T5011 Orange Tea        
T5012 Chocolate Tea        

TWG Tea Exclusive Blends

T6000 Emperor's White Garden Tea        
T6001 Snow Mountain Tea        
T6002 Grand Wedding Tea        

Comptoir des Indes Tea

T6004 Alfonso Tea        
T6005 Senses of the Orient Tea        
T6006 Happy Birthday Tea        
T6007 Charlemagne Tea        
T6008 Tibetan Secret Tea        
T6009 Alexandria Tea        
T6010 Paris-Singapore Tea        
T6011 Mistral Tea        
T6012 Sakura! Sakura! Tea        
T6013 Geisha Blossom Tea        
T6014 Crème Brulée Tea        
T6015 Golden Rose Tea        
T6016 Sweet Jade Tea        
T6017 Green Beauty Tea        
T6018 Silver Moon Tea        
T6019 Place Vendome Tea        
T6020 Holiday Spirit Tea        
T6021 Polo Club Tea        
T6022 Gnawa Tea        
T6023 Emerald River Tea        
T6024 Christmas Lights Tea        
T6025 Napoleon Tea        
T6026 New World Tea        
T6027 Immortal Moment Tea        
T6028 Amour de Thé        
T6029 Renaissance Tea        
T6030 Riviera Tea        
T6031 1837 White Tea        
T6033 1837 Black Tea        
T6034 Camelot Tea        
T6035 Magic Flute Tea        
T6036 1837 Green Tea        
T6037 Bain de Rose Tea        
T6038 Spice Route Tea        
T6039 Caravan Tea        
T6040 Pomme Prestige Tea        
T6041 Tokyo-Singapore Tea        
T6042 White House Tea        
T6043 Safari Tea        
T6044 Miraculous Mandarin Tea        
T6045 Brothers Club Tea        
T6046 Pink Garden Tea        

Tea Flower Collection

TF1 Celebration        
TF2 Crown Jewel        
TF3 Emerald Sun        
TF4 Enchanted Beauty        
TF5 First Kiss        
TF6 Full Bloom        
TF7 Heart of Gold        
TF8 Heart of Happiness        
TF9 Jasmine Kiss        
TF10 Lavender Kiss        
TF11 Double Happiness        
TF12 Refreshmint        
TF13 Rising Stars        
TF14 True Star        
TF15 Imperial Rose        




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